President’s Message

3540743Welcome to the Engineering Student Societies’ Council of Ontario website. My name is Mike Lavdas and I’ve been given the privilege of serving as President of ESSCO for the 2016-2017 school year.

ESSCO is an organization designed to create continuity, maintain institutional memory and advocate on behalf of the undergraduate engineering societies across the province with a single unified voice. As President of the organization, my role is to advocate on behalf of over 24000 engineering students to external bodies such as Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO), Engineers Canada, the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB), Council of Ontario Deans of Engineering (CODE) and Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE).

Another major role that this council plays is to foster leadership in the students of our member schools. Bringing together students prominent in their respective school’s student government with other similar outstanding individuals presents an unparalleled opportunity for growth in experience, skills and a forum to debate topics which make sure that engineering is a progressive, rewarding and employable program.

On top of maintaining my predecessors’ efforts to implement our longer-term “Strategic Plan” for improvement I will be hiring a Director of Student Affairs to facilitate a provincial survey of our students for issues common to all schools and collectively we will develop a corrective strategy.

One of my top priorities is streamlining the efficiency of our organization. Every year many excellent ideas are proposed and agreed upon but unfortunately many get lost in transition as we do have annual executive turnover. From my previous council experience I’ve learned first-hand that Western has an excellent method of managing goals/accountability.  Implementing some of Western’s practices on a provincial scale there will be a tangible difference in student experience by the end of my term.

If you are a student with feedback, concerns or initiatives to propose please contact your respective Engineering Society’s Vice President of External Affairs. They can discuss your eligibility to join us at one of our meetings or feel free to email me directly at to share your thoughts.


Michael Lavdas
President 2016-2017
Engineering Student Societies’ Council of Ontario