From January 2-8 2013, the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students held their annual Congress in Kitchener and ESSCO was represented through my attendance. During this conference I took the opportunity to communicate with Ontario member schools as well as key members in the Engineering Profession. At this conference I made key contacts, which will allow me to discuss Ontario students opinions on things such as the role Engineers Canada plays in student development as well as the new accreditation process.

I sat down with Mauricio Curbelo of the PEO who is in charge of redeveloping the student membership program as well as working on the student’s roles within the PEO. We have been in regular contact during the development stage and we have been working together on trying to figure out what the program should do. Here are some updates:

  •  The SMP website is done and the Facebook page will be up soon. This will be used as a platform to provide relevant content to students looking to get information about licensure or how to get involved in the PEO.
  • Since OSPE also has a student program, the PEO must ensure that they focus their efforts on licensure.
  • At bare minimum, it will be a platform which gives students a convenient place to find out about the road they will need to travel in order to get licensed.

Mauricio has some time in his term at the PEO and so we also discussed what he can be doing for students. The two things we came up that he can work on in the next few months is:

  1. Develop a relationship between PEO chapters and Universities. The suggestion is to create a resource document for the Chapters, which includes strategies on how to communicate with schools as well as suggestions on events that the chapters can run that would appeal to students. This would include examples from chapters who are currently doing a great job interacting with students in the hopes that others can learn from them.
  2. Investigate areas within the PEO where he thinks students can have an impact and then take steps to implement it. This would include letting ESSCO know about potential opportunities as well as communicate these ideas to the area within the PEO in charge of that initiative.

It is great to have a staff member within the PEO whose job description involves improving the way the PEO interacts with students and what I have seen so far is promising. That being said, we can always use feedback and are still looking for suggestions on the content that will be on the website as well as what type of content students would like to receive over email to supplement information about licensure. Therefore I would invite you all to share your suggestions with myself and we can take them into consideration.

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