As an engineering student, Ontario and Canada need you more than ever to support innovation, drive change and build a prosperous economy. That’s why the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) makes it a priority to support you by advocating for things like greater investment in research and development and innovation funding programs, which create more co-op and full-time work opportunities upon graduation.

But how does OSPE act as the “voice of the engineering profession in Ontario”?

The answer comes down to one important word – advocacy.

Why should you care about advocacy?

Government decisions are made every day without engineering input and OSPE is focused on changing that. We want to ensure that governments consult engineers on issues impacting our province, from energy pricing and planning, to climate change initiatives and the engineering labour market. If engineers are not ready and willing to proactively contribute their expertise through OSPE, the voice of Ontario’s engineers will continue to be ignored.

To enhance the reputation of the engineering profession and build greater appreciation for the work that engineers do, we need strength in numbers. OSPE needs your help to move your future profession from a position of service to one of leadership; one where engineers are recognized as agents of change.

How can you get involved in advocacy with OSPE in 2017?

  • Attend or volunteer at an OSPE event: In honour of Canada’s 150th anniversary, OSPE will be hosting events across Ontario to celebrate the many ways that engineering has shaped Canada. Check in with OSPE’s Society Notes blog and follow @O_S_P_E on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to see which of our monthly themes interest you. Keep your eyes open for upcoming activities like these:

February: The role of the modern engineer in public policy. OSPE is partnering with McMaster University’s Faculty of Engineering to host a panel discussion with representatives from the federal, provincial and municipal levels of government regarding engineers’ role in public policy.

March: National Engineering Month (NEM). Share your passion for the profession by volunteering at one of OSPE’s interactive STEM workshops for youth.

April: Northern development and the Ring of Fire. OSPE aims to host a collaborative forum that will bring together mining and engineering companies, community stakeholders and local government leaders. 

  • Check out an OSPE presentation – OSPE visits campuses across Ontario to answer your questions about advocacy and to familiarize you with what we do. Would you like OSPE to come to your school? To get involved in or to request an OSPE event, email
  • Join the conversation – Tell us about your research, technical papers or any cool projects that you’re working on and you could be featured on the blog or in The Voice magazine! What better way to build up your resume? Email your ideas to
  • Find out more about OSPE’s Political Action Network (PAN) – chat with OSPE’s experienced PAN volunteers, who meet regularly with government officials in your local community. If you’re passionate about a particular topic, OSPE may have some research opportunities for you. Email to find out more.

The easiest way to start making a difference is simply to make the first move! Tell us what you’re interested in and we’ll help you find the best way to get involved.

The best part is that an OSPE student membership is absolutely FREE! Not yet a member? Check out the OSPE website to learn more about why you should become a member today!

Special thanks to Stephanie Harden, OSPE Communications Coordinator, and the OSPE team for writing this article

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