Andrew Cook


Hello! Welcome to our organization, if you’re a student I hope you can find a place in it, if not I hope we can work together. ESSCO is an organization that represents Ontario’s engineering students on matters of common interest. We advocate to professional associations, academia, and government to improve our education and experiences.

A bit about me, I am currently on a work term at Septodont-Novocol Pharmaceuticals for 16 months in the Capital Projects Department. I study Mechatronics Engineering and Management at McMaster University, and completed my fourth year of five this past April. I’ve been heavily involved with ESSCO since just after my first year of school.

My goals for the year are grounded in organizational development. I will be focusing on creating platforms for researching and preparing stronger stances on issues facing engineering students. These topics will come from the council, however, my interests include Experiential Learning, Affordable and Transparent Tuition, and Mental Health Awareness and Support. I would like engineering students to have a unified and researched voice across the province so we can have a long term impact that extends past the terms of myself and my colleagues.

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions, comments, or ideas please reach out to me at president@essco.ca.

Jeffrey Lee

VP Communications

I am currently second year Aerospace Engineering student at Ryerson University. Currently employed as the First-Year Ambassador Lead at the First-Year Engineering Office, managing 16 upper year students to plan for orientation for all the incoming engineering students at Ryerson University. I am also a student-athlete a member of Ryerson Men’s Cross Country. I am proud and excited to be the Vice-President Communications for ESSCO this year. I am looking forward to the goals we will accomplish. I will do my best to fulfill my role and act in the best interests for ESSCO as a whole. My goal is to build more awareness for the initiatives that ESSCO pushed using extensive graphics. I would also like to build and improve the engineering students image. I plan to complete my goals and provide a supportive and effective communication stream between ESSCO, Council and professionals. I am always open to any discussions, if you have any suggestion or questions. Please let me know, my line is always open.

Cylina El-Bouchi

VP Finance & Administration

I am currently on a 16-month co-op work term at the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) in the Flight Research Laboratory (FRL). I’m in between my third and fourth year of Mechanical Engineering with a Minor in Business at Carleton University. I am very excited to be working with this year’s ESSCO Executive team as the Vice-President Finance & Administration! In my previous academic year, I was Vice-President Finance of the Carleton Student Engineering Society (CSES) where I gained an abundance of knowledge regarding student societies and financial practices. In conjunction to this, I was a Head Facilitator for Carleton’s Engineering Orientation Week. I have also gained a great deal of knowledge and experience through my minor in business and working as an Engineering Project Manager at the NRC. Currently, I’m the Carleton Undergraduate Engineering Student Equipment Fund (CUESEF) Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAAE) Department student representative. In this position I allocate funds with Carleton’s Engineering Faculty staff members to student groups and fourth year projects for various equipment and supply needs. Additionally, I am the Council Chair for CSES where I am exposed to additional administrative tasks as well as student society policies and procedures. I will be working towards finalizing ESSCO’s relationship with OSPE to establish our bank account with them, implement an investment portfolio for ESSCO, implement more detailed financial policies, and continue working towards a more streamlined financial recording process to ensure every penny is accounted for! On my down time, I enjoy playing volleyball and cooking!

Tiffany Joseph

VP Services

I am a third-year Space Engineering student at York University in Toronto, and a passionate student leader in my faculty and our Division of Students. In my first two years at the Lassonde School of Engineering, I was the VP Academic and President of our Engineering Society, where I focused on growing our society and developing our executive team. After attending just five conferences during that time, I grew to love the conference life and all that it represented for the growth of ESSCO’s members and as an organization. These, and other services at ESSCO, provide an incredible opportunity for student engagement between schools, and help us to develop new perspectives, which is key for growth. Because of this, I am thrilled to provide support to our conference planning committees and Directors in areas of inclusion and diversity, equity for member schools, and fun for all! If you have any ideas for new events or initiatives, I’m excited to hear them, so please feel free to reach out!