President’s Meeting (PM)

The ESSCO President’s Meeting is used to connect the different executive teams from member schools. Each school is invited to bring their execs to meet others in the same positions and share best practices. Typically the positions invited are Presidents, VP Externals, VP Internals or Socials, VP Finances, and VP Academics. The sessions are tailored to the specific positions and create discussions on problems each of the schools face. The ESSCO Council also meets to discuss the upcoming CFES Presidents meeting and form a unified Ontario opinion.

Location: University of Guelph

Date:  September 15th – 17th 2017.

For more details, contact the PM Chairs Val Bauman, Matt Curtis or your VP External.


Professional Engineers Ontario – Student Conference (PEO-SC)

Organized with the support of PEO, PEO-SC is a professional development conference that introduces delegates to the work of PEO and the benefits of obtaining a P.Eng license. Delegates are exposed to the licensing process and the PEO Student Membership Program, and have an opportunity to listen to speakers discuss the future of the engineering profession in Ontario. Delegates also get a chance to participate in activities that are designed to get the thoughts of students in regards to problems facing the engineering profession.

Location: Ryerson University

Date: November 3rd, 2017


First Year Integration Conference (FYIC)

FYIC is a leadership development conference for first-year students looking to get more involved in their respective engineering societies. Delegates are introduced to what CFES, PEO and OSPE are and how they work with ESSCO. The first years participate in session designed to develop leadership potential, breaking down first year barriers, and learning ways that they can improve their own engineering society. Link to FYIC website.

Location: Lakehead University

Date: February 9th – 11th, 2018

For more details, contact the PM Chairs Samuel Frisby or your VP External.


Annual General Meeting (AGM)

ESSCO AGM introduces the new council of VP Externals to ESSCO, PEO, OSPE and the CFES as well as their new role on council. The focus of this conference is leadership development and the sharing of best practices. This is achieved by having external speakers and previous ESSCO alumni run sessions and speak to delegates. The ESSCO Executives for the next year are elected at ESSCO AGM, and the ESSCO Executive and VPs External of member schools set the direction of the organization.

Location: York University

Date:  TBD