ESSCO Directorships

Directors work with the ESSCO Executive to assist with initiatives and event planning. This year, six directorship positions are available: Director of ESSCO Fund, Director of Student Affairs, Director of Outreach, Director of Diversity, Director of Sport and Director of Website Security. Directorship applications are now open and available here: Applications close August 12th at midnight.

Director of ESSCO Fund

Reports to: VP Finance and Administration

The Director of the ESSCO fund shall work alongside the Vice President Finance and Administration in the research and development of the ESSCO fund. They will require experience with financials and may be required to attend meetings; be it conferences to approve the funds actions or business meetings to set up the fund. The Director of the fund will be required to maintain the fund for the duration of their term with the Vice President Finance and Administration after the creation of the fund.

Director of Student Affairs

Reports to: President

The Director of Student Affairs is a pilot project for the 2016-2017 school year. Their primary concern will be to construct and distribute a survey of the current undergraduate students in engineering programs across Ontario. The purpose of this survey is to identify localized or widespread weaknesses/strengths within our education and culture. Their second responsibility will involve the distribution of the survey and data collection. Finally, this directorship will be responsible for compiling the results and formatting them in a meaningful document to be presented before CODE. As of yet there are no other strict mandates attached to this role so there is a window of opportunity for the conception of innovative initiatives.

Director of Outreach

Reports to: VP Services 

The director of outreach will be working to facilitate new initiatives and oversee outreach events. The is largely a brainstorming role. The two main outreach events that this position will oversee are Wonderland Math and Physics Day and National Engineering Month.

We are looking for a leader to manage and facilitate Wonderland Math and Physics day. The successful candidate will manage a group of 30 students in judging the WM&PD Roller Coaster competition, and assist with high school outreach. The successful candidate will also be responsible for ensuring a high school outreach document is created and distributed at the event, promoting engineering education and the profession. The director will also liaise with Canada’s Wonderland management staff in coordinating the event.

The Outreach Director is a motivated self-starter who will organize National Engineering Month. Last year, the director facilitated a MASSIVE Rube Goldberg machine, linking nine of the Engineering Schools, and finally ending at the CN tower, lighting it purple! The 2014 video can be found here.

Director of Diversity

Reports to: VP Services

Director of Sport

Reports to: VP Services

Director of Website Security

Reports to: VP Communications

The Director of Website Security’s main task is to maintain the functionality of ESSCO’s website and wiki accounts. In the event that these ESSCO accounts experience malware or technical issues, it is the responsibility of the director to address and resolve these issues in a timely manner, as discussed with the Vice President, Communications.