National Engineering Month in Canada

National Engineering Month is the biggest national celebration of engineering excellence, where volunteers in each province and territory host over 500 events that show Canadians how rewarding the career choice can really be. During the month of March, the profession strives to reach out to young Canadians to let them know what an exciting and fun career choice engineering really is. It is an opportunity for youth to learn about many disciplines of engineering, and allow them to see where their skill set and interests are best fitted. Since there are so many areas of engineering, it’s important for kids to understand the various things they can do as engineers so they can pick the discipline that truly motivates and excites them the most. Additionally, the month can teach youth what exactly is needed to excel in the profession.

National Engineering Month also gives students the opportunity to learn about the remarkable accomplishments Canada’s engineers have made over the years. Be sure to check out this site’s Great Canadian Engineering section to learn things like how engineering work pushes the boundaries of flight and contributes to amazing manmade structures, and the Engineers in Profile section to meet incredible engineers who have been conducting important work like allowing amputees to control their artificial limbs with ease and building earthquake resistant structures. (Source:


Engineering students turn the CN Tower purple

ESSCO NEM Activities


ESSCO Rube Goldberg Project

During the month of March ESSCO schools come together from across Ontario to construct a Rube Goldberg machine that culminates in lighting up the CN tower purple. This demonstration of engineering and collaboration is used to promote the engineering profession and add to the National Engineering Month Festivities. Last year 9 schools participated and constructed their own machines and Conestoga College set up a live display at the CN Tower which pushed the button to change the light colour of the tower. Some schools also enlisted the help of high school students in the area to help with their machines and get them thinking and involved in engineering.



OSPE’s “Nothin’ But NEM” Event

In 2013 and 2014, the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) has invited ESSCO member schools to attend a Toronto Raptors game and to an associated networking event, kicking off National Engineering Month. While ESSCO does its best to encourage attendance, more students could be taking advantage of this great networking opportunity to meet fellow engineering students and industry professionals. As this initiative develops year after year, Engineering students are encouraged to see what OSPE is doing to celebrate National Engineering Month. You will likely be pleasantly surprised by a similar networking opportunity, in celebration of the occasion! Find out more about this event here:


ESSCO Engineering Project Showcase

This month, send us a picture of your capstone projects, or any other cool engineering project you’re working on for school, to be showcased on the ESSCO Facebook Page! ESSCO will proudly display these images on social media and pass the pictures along to our industry partners at the end of the month. Give everyone an idea of what your achievements have been and show industry why your program, at your school, is amazing!

Email us your projects at: