This year’s ESSCO Annual General Meeting (AGM) was hosted at the University of Waterloo from June 1st to 4th. Over 75 delegates met for a weekend of workshops, sessions, and panels, with the focus of leadership development and sharing of best practices. The theme of the conference was Ideas in Action, and featured speakers from ESSCO, the CFES, OSPE, PEO, National Bank, the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, and General Electric.

(left to right) Howard Brown, Ola Suchon, Mike Lavdas

On February 3rd, first year students from across Ontario met in Ottawa for ESSCO’s First Year Integration Conference (FYIC). The conference is a leadership development conference for first year students looking to increase their involvement within their engineering societies.

Students arrived on Friday night for a social night skating on the Canal and Winterlude. Saturday morning consisted of sessions at the University of Ottawa Campus. Sessions included ESSCO presented by Mike Lavdas, CFES by Amir Kiasat, Fake It ‘Till you Make It by Melissa Buckley, Tactical Communication by Mike Lavdas, Diversity in Engineering by Hana Anis, Public Speaking 101 by Paul Lee, IEEE, PEO by Tracey Caruana, and OSPE.

The Keynote Speaker, Hanan Anis, holds an NSERC Chair in Entrepreneurial Engineering Design, is the coordinator of entrepreneurship and innovation in the Faculty of Engineering, and is a professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Ottawa. In her presentation, she addressed getting involved and the importance of involvement at universities. Anis included a question and answer panel consisting of upper year and graduate students, who explained the impact that engagement has had in their university careers.

FYIC 2017 Organizing Committee

Last week, from January 2-8, over 180 students from over 50 engineering schools travelled to the University of Western Ontario for Congress, an annual conference hosted by the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students, also known as the CFES. ESSCO was represented by VP Services, Katie Arnold.

(from left to right) Lucas Brewster, Carlton University, Outgoing VPFA, Anthony Spanic, University of Windsor, Outgoing IT Commissioner, Emma Xie, University of Waterloo, Outgoing Media and Marketing Commissioner, Allyson Francis, University of Waterloo Alumn, Outgoing National Councillor, Erin Hemm, Carleton University, Outgoing Administration Commissioner, Incoming VPFA, Katie Arnold, ESSCO VP Services, Amir Kassit, Conestoga College, Outgoing Ontario Ambassador, Incoming National Councillor, Abby Diemer, University of Windsor, Outgoing Windsor VPX, Incoming Ontario Ambassador, Julia Dalphy, Carleton University, Outgoing National Councillor

This year’s Professional Engineers Ontario Student Conference (PEO-SC) was hosted at Carleton University from November 4th-6th. Around 60 delegates met in Ottawa, coming in from across Ontario, for a weekend of professional development, networking, and discover of the engineering profession. The theme of the conference was The Power of the P.Eng., and featured speakers from PEO, Yellow Pages, the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies (ACEC), Erica Lee Consulting, Carleton University, and the Change Lab.


(left to right) Dakota Plant (VP Finance and Administration), Katie Arnold (VP Services), Jocelyn Lee (VP Communications), Mike Lavdas (President), Jake Lipohar (Co-Chair), and Alex Whitlock (Co-Chair)

Last Wednesday, October 26th, ESSCO executives travelled to Toronto to attend Queen’s Park Day Reception. The reception was hosted shortly after The Government Relations Conference (a joint PEO and OSPE conference), where ESSCO President Michael Lavdas attended and gave a speech on student engagement in policy decision making. At Queen’s Park Day, members of Parliament met with representatives from PEO, OSPE, and university students throughout Ontario, with the goal of discussing the relationship between engineering and policy making.


(left to right) Dakota Plant (VP Finance and Administration), Michael Lavdas (President), Katie Arnold (VP Services), and Jocelyn Lee (VP Communications)

Over the past month, ESSCO Executives have been accepting and reviewing applications for directorship positions. This year, five directorship positions needed to be filled: the Director of the ESSCO Fund, Director of Student Affairs, Director of Diversity, Director of Outreach, and Director of Website Security. More detailed information about the directorship positions can be found on the ESSCO website.

On Friday, September 30th, three ESSCO executives travelled to Ottawa to attend the Engineering Change Lab. The Change Lab is a collaborative social lab that brings together leaders in the engineering field, from leaders in the industry to deans of engineering schools, current engineering students and executives from regulatory bodies. The ESSCO executives were able to attend the Change Lab through the generous sponsorship of Mark Abbott, the secretariat of the lab.


(left to right) past ESSCO president Jake Lipohar, VP Finance and Administration Dakota Plant, VP External for Carleton Engineering Society Yannick Briesbois, Secretariat for the Change Lab Mark Abbott, VP Communications Jocelyn Lee, and President Mike Lavdas

This year’s ESSCO President’s Meeting was hosted by McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario from September 16th to 18th. President’s Meeting is an annual conference that brings together executives from Engineering Societies across Ontario to foster relationships and share best practices.

Directors work with the ESSCO Executive to assist with initiatives and event planning. This year, five directorship positions are available: Director of ESSCO Fund, Director of Student Affairs, Director of Outreach, Director of Diversity, and Director of Website Security. Directorship applications are now open and available here: Applications close in two weeks, on Monday, October 3rd at 9:00AM. For questions regarding directorships, please email the VP Communications or President.