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ESSCO Member Schools

There are 16 Ontario Schools who are members of ESSCO. An EngSoc executive from each school, typically the VP External, will attend all ESSCO conferences and teleconferences as a representative of their college or university. They have a vote on behalf of their school at ESSCO plenary sessions and make up ESSCO’s council. Information for about each schools EngSoc and council representation is available here, as provided by your member schools:

Carleton University Conestoga College Lakehead University
Johan Prent Ferencz Dominguez Alim Jivraj
email: email: email:
Laurentian University McMaster University Royal Military College
Joel Venne Jocelyn Lee tbd
email: email:
Ryerson University University of Guelph University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Sarmila Senthilmanoharan Matthew Curtis Steve Oreskovic
email: email: email:
University of Ottawa University of Waterloo “A” University of Waterloo “B”
dan and melissa - wat b
David Long Céline O’Neil Melissa Buckley/Dan Robertson
email: email: email:
Western University University of Windsor York University
Ivan Zvonkov Felicia Tamasovics Ahad Amin
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