In school, you absorb copious amounts of information. However, the majority of the learning that happens in university comes from outside the classroom. This year, for the first time, ESSCO will be exploring Engineering education quality across the province. Some topics of investigation include teaching methods, extracurricular support, scheduling of classes, lab quality, mental health, methods of evaluation, diversity, culture, and student experience as a whole.

In order to learn more about these topics, we want to reach out to diverse demographics, including professors, undergraduate students, students with co-op positions and recent graduates. This will ensure multiple perspectives are being heard and will hopefully move us towards a higher quality of education that works for everyone.

This is a brand new directorship and this project has just started. We hope that this survey meets the needs of the student body and provides useful information. In order to do this, we require some input during survey development. Please give us your feedback, including questions you want answered, topics to explore and any tidbits you feel may be beneficial. Some general questions/themes include:

What experiences make you a better engineer? How did the resources around you impact your learning experience? Is there a better way to test your understanding? Do you feel your schedule is fair?

 Please give yourself a few minutes to complete this short online form: and tell us what matters to you!

Author: Ruth Tamas

unnamedI’m in my second year of Environmental Engineering at Carleton University and currently the Director of Student Affairs for ESSCO. I spent this past summer as a research assistant at Carleton, collecting data on occupant behaviour and energy efficient homes. A key part of my work was data collection via survey, and I hope to bring those skills to the table with this directorship. At my home university, I am the Environmental Stream Councilor. Being a part of my school society (CSES) has taught me a lot about the inner workings of student engineering, and it inspired me to go further and become a part of the ESSCO team. I’m very excited to see how the progression of this project over the next few months and encourage everyone to participate in this unique opportunity.

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