On the June 15th weekend over seventy delegates from fifteen member schools gathered at Queen’s University for the 2012 Annual General Meeting (AGM).  It comprised of ESSCO council meetings, various EngSoc development sessions such as volunteer motivation and council structure, as well as elections for the next year. Great discussions happened during sessions, connections were made, and the constitution was updated!

A huge thanks goes out to the outgoing executives Mauricio Curbelo, Shane Comella, Cameron E. Winterink, Mukhtar Galan, and Raqual Almeida for all of their hard work this past year.

The new executive for the upcoming year were elected and congratulations go out to Michael Seliske, David Birnbaum, Emily Bot, and Leila Meema-Coleman. Check out their bios in the executive page to find out more about them!

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