On August 14th, 2013, the ESSCO Exec met with Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) for discussions on the Student Membership Program, Engineering and Public Policy, and Government Liaison. After speaking with representatives from PEO, OCEPP and Brown & Cohen, we brought back the following that we found relevant for you.

1) PEO runs an information delivery system called the Student Membership Program (SMP). It is a service for the benefit of students that keeps engineering undergraduates informed about the next steps toward applying for and meeting the requirements for their P.Eng license, which is necessary to practice engineering in Canada. Sign-up is free and can be done through the website: http://www.engineeringstudents.peo.on.ca. PEO encourages everyone to sign up for this mailing list.

2) The Ontario Centre for Engineering and Public Policy (OCEPP) offers an annual student essay writing contest, as well as an annual engineering and policy conference. The purpose of OCEPP is to try to get engineers more interested in public policy and to realize that changes in policy can be equally effective in solving problems as technical solutions. The prize for the essay contest is $1000, and more information can be found here: [link] Those interested in the Engineering and Policy Conference can visit: [link]

That should be everything for now, but as always, there is more information for anyone who wants to know more. If you have any questions regarding the ESSCO-PEO meeting, feel free to contact the Executive!


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