Engineering Society Executive teams from around Ontario began arriving in Guelph on the evening of Friday September 12 for the annual ESSCO conference, President’s Meeting. This year the conference was hosted by students from the University of Guelph under the theme “Building Multifaceted Communities.” Engineering students are a group of people with many different skills and interests. The goal of an Engineering Society is to create and support a multifaceted community, one as diverse as the students it represents. The purpose of this conference is to help all delegates grow as leaders within their respective societies.

One of the most valuable components of such conferences is that student leaders have the chance to make connections with other schools. ESSCO strives to promote the sharing of best practices between members, and works to accomplish this by providing students the opportunity to work with their peers from around the province, and share ideas. The Saturday sessions hosted this year covered many topics from general CFES and ESSCO information sessions, to conference hosting tips, to successful event planning. Position specific sessions were also run, which allowed delegates who are taking on similar roles/positions at their respective schools to sit down together and discuss their strategies for the year. The day came to a close with a group photo in front of the brand new Guelph Gryphon statue.

Moving forward, ESSCO used President’s Meeting as a learning experience as well. This conference allowed the Executive to present to Council some of their most recent initiatives and ideas, as well as get feedback on work already done. As a result, the Constitution has been amended to mandate the Executive to create a Long Range Plan to promote the longevity of ESSCO, and reflect the views of Council. Planning for the First Year Integration Conference, hosted in Sudbury at Laurentian University, is now underway as well.

The delegates of this year’s President’s Meeting will return to their respective schools and leave an impact on their communities. It is for this reason that ESSCO is proud to facilitate this conference every year. ESSCO would like to wish all of our member schools the best of luck this year in building and supporting their multifaceted communities.

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