The President’s job is to provide vision and direction for the ESSCO Executive and Council. This begins with leading the strategic planning process and ensuring that ESSCO’s current projects support the long-term vision and purpose of ESSCO. As a result, the President must have a clear vision of ESSCO’s purpose. During the year, the President tracks project timelines and ensures that Executive and Council members, as well as Project Directors, have adequate guidance and resources, and that tasks are divided fairly.
The President also serves as the official representative of ESSCO to outside groups including PEO, OSPE, the CFES, and the Council of Ontario Deans of Engineering (CODE). He/she liaises with the CFES Ontario Ambassador to ensure ESSCO’s interests are represented at the CFES. He/she also serves on the OEC Advisory Board. The President chairs meetings of ESSCO Council, except Plenary.

A good candidate for this position would be someone who:

  • Has a clear vision of ESSCO’s purpose
  • Understands the difference between what an EngSoc and what a Council of EngSocs (like ESSCO) should and shouldn’t be doing
  • Has ideas for projects or initiatives to improve ESSCO
  • Is able to coordinate discussions
  • Has project management experience
  • Has EngSoc-related experience, preferably at the Executive level, or prior experience as
  • an Executive of ESSCO

VP Finance and Administration

The VPFA’s job is to prepare and maintain a balanced ESSCO budget. At the beginning of their term, they will prepare a budget for initiatives and conference spending. This includes maintaining the travel bursary program, travel expenses for executives, and running the cheque requisition process for initiatives such as NEM.

The VPFA is also responsible for internal administration including taking minutes at all meetings of Council. This requires working closely with the VP Communications.

A good candidate for this position would be someone who:

  • Has previous experience with maintaining a budget (ESSCO’s is around $20K)
  • Has previous experience with administrative tasks such as minute-taking and record keeping, and has good attention to detail
  • Has previous experience with policy and governance, specifically in a student government context
  • Is dependable, trustworthy, and is able to respond to emails relatively quickly

VP Communications

The VP Communications is responsible for a wide variety of tasks including maintaining the ESSCO website, maintaining ESSCO mailing lists on Google Apps, compiling executive updates and Council teleconference agendas, scheduling meetings, maintaining ESSCO’s social media presence, and overseeing all promotions efforts.

A good candidate for this position would be someone who:

  • Has previous experience maintaining an organization’s social media presence
  • Has technical experience maintaining websites, and also with website back-ends (i.e. would also qualify to be a webmaster)
  • Has previous experience with Photoshop/Illustrator
  • Has previous experience with Wiki markup and WordPress (asset, but not required)

VP Services

The VP Services has a project-oriented portfolio that involves outreach and services to member schools and other groups. The VP Services runs ESSCO’s National Engineering Month Project, coordinates ESSCO’s volunteers at Wonderland’s Math and Physics Day (an outreach day for high school students), and works to develop services to ESSCO member EngSocs.

A good candidate for this position would be someone who:

  • Is organized and able to meet deadlines
  • Can represent ESSCO is a positive and respectful manner to outside organizations, in person and in writing
  • Can communicate clearly and effectively, and run meetings with, groups of 5-20 people
  • Has an interest in organizing outreach programs and promoting engineering as a worthwhile profession
  • Has previous experience motivating volunteers