Step 1: Put your Pin on the ESSCO Connects Map

The first thing to do is fill out a google form (link is at the bottom of the page) with your basic details and where you will be living in the coming semester so that we can put you on the ESSCO Connects map. The ESSCO Connects map is a visual representation on the ESSCO website of where participating ESSCO students will be living and working. The information given on the map is publically accessible and lists:  first name or first initial, the first three characters of your postal code and your university. The first three characters of a postal code provide a general location while still protecting individual privacy.

Alternatively, you can list the first three letters of the postal code corresponding to the town centre or city hall of the nearest city. Don’t know where you’ll be yet? Just leave that part blank and let us know later once you find out!

Step 2: Join the ESSCO Connects – Winter 2013 Facebook Group

Next up join the ESSCO Connects – Winter 2013 Facebook group. This group is meant for all students interested in participating in ESSCO Connects and creates a forum for everyone who’s participating to interact. It also gives ESSCO a way to easily contact everyone who’s interested in ESSCO Connects about updates or newly created regional groups.

Step 3: Check for a Nearby Facebook Group

Once you’ve joined the main group, check the list of regional groups for one near you! The list is given in the description of the Winter 2013 group and includes links to the groups for each region. Find the nearest group and request to join! Don’t see one in your area? Hang tight and keep an eye out for Facebook messages going out to members of the Winter 2013 Facebook group informing you of newly created ones.

Step 4: Tell your friends!

As with wall posts  on your birthday and bonus marks on midterms, the more the merrier! Tell your other friends in engineering about ESSCO Connects. Share it on Facebook and twitter or just chat people up in person. The bigger the network, the more people you’ll meet and the bigger the impact that ESSCO Connects will have!

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