WEW Commissioner Allie Bachtold (right) with Sports Commissioner Danielle Myers (left) with the new WEW Trophy

On Monday, January 16th, the annual Western Engineering Week (WEW) commenced! This event started at 8:30am on the Monday and took place until Friday night. The entire week followed the Battles of Discipline theme. That meant coming out to events and winning competitions which won the respective discipline points! At the end of the week, there was be a grand prize for the winning discipline.

Discipline teams are broken down as follows: Software, Civil, Chemical & Green Process, Integrated & Mechatronics, Mechanical, Electrical & Computer and First Year Students.

I had the opportunity to speak with Allie Bachtold, the current Western Engineering Week Commissioner on Western’s Undergraduate Engineering Society. She is currently in her second year of Integrated Engineering and is very passionate about being involved in the engineering community!

What were the events hosted this year and which was your favourite event? 

The events planned for the week included: pancake breakfast, Pi eating contest, speed dating, scavenger hunt, football tournament, pool tournament, catan tournament, minute to win it, euchre tournament, capture the flag, mini golf, grilled cheese lunch, closing ceremonies, free pizza, and finally the Ceeps bar night. My favourite event was the Pi eating contest and I think everyone’s favourite events were the ones that involved free food.


What did the planning process of WEW consist of? How did you come with the event ideas?

The planning process began in the summer, which was when we started to iron out the schedule for the week. Many of the events are done annually and have become a tradition for Western Engineering Week such as the Foosball, Catan and Euchre tournaments as well as the Scavenger Hunt and Mini golf. The new events were decided on by the planning committee and suggestions given by UES council members. The Pi eating contest was new this year and we’re definitely going to do it again next year as it was such a hit!

How did you collaborate with Western’s Undergraduate Engineering Society to ensure this event ran smoothly?

The collaboration was facilitated by the VP social who I worked closely with throughout the year. The committee working on the event consisted of UES year representatives as well as the social committee.


What do you think was most successful about this year’s event and what do you think could be improved for next year?

The most successful event was the Closing Ceremonies. There was great attendance for this event and we had a new trophy made specifically for the WEW that was presented, although in the future I would order way more pizza as attendance spiked significantly with the idea of free food. The event that could’ve used some improvement was capture the flag.  This could have been improved with more advertisement to help boost the attendance for this event.


What value do you think WEW brings to the engineering community here at Western?

I think that Western Engineering Week is a great way to create unity within the engineering community because it brings together all the disciplines. It also helps the first years to meet upper year students because everyone is welcome to participate in a friendly competitive environment where they can come take a break in between their classes.


I’d like to thank Allie for taking time out of her busy schedule to provide insight and share her experiences about planning such a large event. Her passion and dedication to the UES is a motivating factor for all students to get further involved within their respective engineering societies.

Author: Yara Ibrahim

Hey everyone! My name is Yara Ibrahim and I am currently going into my second year at Western pursuing a dual degree in Chemical Engineering & Business. I love being involved in the Engineering community here at Western because there is truly nothing like it and I can’t wait to collaborate with students all around the province to create the best student experience!

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