The Leadership Summer School is a one-week high quality training event organized as a joint event between CFES and a hosting university. The program gathers about 25 motivated students and young professionals from different universities and non-governmental organizations all over the world in the hopes of cultivating leadership skills from these promising individuals. One of the objectives of the training week is to exchange knowledge and share best practices between participants and the organizations involved. Furthermore, after completing the Leadership Summer School, participants will attain and become familiar with various leadership skills, and be able to return back home and apply what they have learned.

Schools are encouraged to send promising students who will be involved in leadership roles at their respective university.

When? August 26-September 1 (dates still approximate, though it will be in the second half of August)

Where? Toronto, Canada

When do I need to apply by? 18:00 MST on June 31, 2012

Cost: ~$150-200 for accommodations, training & food. Transportation is the responsibility of the participant.


Contact Alex Lush at with any questions or for more details.


Apply here:

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