OSPE, the voice of the engineering profession across Ontario
The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) is a member-interest, advocacy organization, created jointly by Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) and the Canadian Society of Professional Engineers (CSPE). The Society is the result of a two-year process to separate regulatory and non-regulatory affairs for the profession, culminating in a referendum of PEO members that found 80 percent support for starting a separate advocacy organization.

Why Engineers Need the Society
There has long been a segment of the profession in Ontario who feel strongly that engineers need an organization primarily concerned with promoting their professional and economic interests, and acting as a stronger public voice for the profession. PEO, a regulatory body that exists mainly to protect the public interest, is quite limited in what it can do in terms of advocacy, particularly on economic or ‘turf’ issues. As a separate organization with no regulatory role, the Society is able to take a stronger and more vocal stance on issues of importance to its members.

Students currently enrolled in an accredited engineering degree program in Ontario are entitled to a free OSPE membership. As an OSPE member, you become a valuable part of the engineering community in Ontario. You understand that the engineering profession needs an advocacy and member-services body separate from the regulator, and may be interested in volunteering your time to advance the profession. ESSCO recommends that all of its member schools students connect with OSPE and familiarize themselves with the many available benefits, such as:

  • Qualifying for valuable scholarships
  • Connecting with employers, peers and experienced engineers at OSPE events
  • Accessing engineering job postings
  • Building your résumé by volunteering with OSPE
  • Gaining industry knowledge from OSPE publications, salary surveys and more
  • Getting great savings on travel, entertainment and more

    OSPE also provides invaluable networking opportunities to its members and continues to acknowledge excellence in the engineering profession. In addition to providing various career services, professional development courses and policy series, OSPE provides year-round professional events for engineers.The annual OSPE awards gala is the province’s most prestigious and anticipated engineering event of the year and brings together innovators, business leaders and policy makers to celebrate various engineering achievements and leading positive global change.

    More questions? Check out the OSPE website and visit their FAQ page