As a new initiative, ESSCO has created is the patches page that can allow all the engineering student’s across Ontario to propose, submit and proudly display the engineering patches that they created. Please submit your patches to:   Google Form



ESSCO was created in 1987 and has always been advocating in the best interests of Engineering Students across Ontario. Several ESSCO logo were created in the 31 years of service. This is our current logo and is the official brand of ESSCO



Ryerson University – RyEng

Uncommon (500-1000)



The RyEng patch is the symbol of Ryerson Engineering. This symbol is also seen on the stickers found throughout Toronto, as part of a frosh week tradition. An enlarged version of this patch is a staple of “RyEng Covies”, which must be earned by successfully being accepted as a RyEng frosh leader.

School Society/Clubs/Teams

McMaster University – McMaster EngiQueers

Common (1000+)


The McMaster EngiQueers patch features the McMaster Engineering fireball recolored into the Pride flag. It serves as a symbol of representation as well as alliance with the LGBTQ+ community. The Patch was introduced at the 2014 ESSCO AGM, the same year that the McMaster EngiQueers was recognized as an organization on campus.

Carleton University – Carleton EngiQueers, The Queerbird

Very Rare (100 or less)

The patch is a rainbow version of Carleton Engineering’s Flightsuits Committee logo, “The Warbird” and can be found on the right shoulder of all Carleton University Flightsuits. The patch was designed in order to give Carleton it’s own version of an EngiQueering patch.

University of Western Ontario – Western EngiQueers

Rare (250 or less)


The goal of the Western EngiQueers (WEQ) is to increase the visibility, comfort, and engagement of LGBTQ+ students and their allies within the Faculty of Engineering. We aim to educate the Engineering community through events, professional development, and community engagement. This patch can be spotted on both the sophomore’s covies and the general students boiler suits, as well as on some student’s leather jackets!



 McMaster University – Support Around Gender Experience

Uncommon (500 – 1000)



All proceeds from patch sales are going to Support Around Gender Experience (S.A.G.E), a Hamilton-based peer support group for trans, two-spirit, and non-binary youth. SAGE is a collaboration between St Joseph’s Youth Wellness Centre and the NGen Youth Centre in Hamilton and is currently funded by one local donor. Group members had expressed a desire and need to meet more than once a month, and so when Pooja Srikanth came up with the idea for the patch she wanted to support the cause! Although the patch idea was hers, it was designed by Haleigh Longo.








Professional Engineers of Ontario – Student Conference 2017 (PEO-SC)

Very Rare (100 or less)



PEO-SC is a conference aimed at 4th year Engineering students to get a better understanding of the life after graduation. PEO – SC aims to enable students to learn from industry professionals and for students to understand the benefits of achieving a P.Eng. Ryerson Engineering is excited to host PEO-SC for 2017

The conference’s theme is Motivate, Innovate, and Integrate. RyEng is excited to bring a successful day of engaging workshops!

Head on over to for more information.







National Aeronatics and Space Administration – NASA

Uncommon (500-1000)



Since it’s inception in 1958, NASA has accomplished many great scientific and technological feats. Space exploration efforts include the Apollo moon landing missions, the Skylab space station and the space shuttle program, as well as the Mars Rover landings and the Voyager spacecrafts that push to the edges of the solar system.








 Toronto Maple Leafs

Uncommon (500-1000)



Formerly known as the Toronto Arenas and the Toronto St. Patricks, the Toronto Maple Leafs are an “Original 6” professional hockey franchise that competes in the National Hockey League. The team has won a total of 13 Stanley Cups (the second most in the league to date), and is well known for their league-leading fan base that spans North America.