What is PEO?

Professional Engineers Ontario, or PEO, is the regulatory body that licenses 76,000 professional engineers in Ontario. PEO sets standards for and regulates the practice of professional engineering in the province.

What is the PEO Student Membership Program?

PEO’s Student Membership Program (SMP) is a great way for students to connect with PEO and the engineering community.It’s free to join, and open to all undergraduate engineering students.

By registering for the SMP, you’ll be able to keep in touch with the association that regulates professional engineering in Ontario and get a head start in establishing a connection to the professional engineering community of 76,000 licensed members.

SMP benefits include:

  • student website with postings about engineering news/presentation/surveys and issues, and information about getting licensed, transitioning into the EIT program, and accessing mentorship opportunities through PEO;
  • invitations/email notices for local events/presentations offered by PEO chapters and other organizations, including student pricing in some cases;
  • opportunities to have your questions about licensure and engineering answered by PEO and members of the engineering community;
  • access to Engineering Dimensions, PEO’s official journal.

    Membership is free. No spam, and you’ll receive important information from PEO. Sign up to become a member here.

    PEO has provided financial and material support to the ESSCO since 2000, and our member schools appreciate their continued support. In fact, thousands of students from ESSCO’s member schools have enrolled in PEO SMP.

    The information has been accumulated from the PEO Website. For more information about the benefits of a Student Membership with Professional Engineers Ontario please visit their website.