November 2-4 2012, University of Ottawa

Goal of the Conference 

The Professional Engineers of Ontario Student Conference (PEOSC) is one of the largest student-run conferences in Ontario. The goal of this conference is to educate students on what lies beyond graduation. Every year it is planned and executed through the hard work of dedicated student volunteers. Industry partnership is vital to the success of the conference.

Our Theme – Bridging The Gap: From Theory to Practice

Like any major project, the education of the next generation of engineers requires the input and influence of an entire team. University professors outline the theories that provide the foundation of our knowledge. Industry professionals take on young graduates and show them how to apply this knowledge. Regulators ensure that the standards and expectations of the discipline are met. By bringing these groups together, we ensure that the new generation not only possesses an understanding of the world, but the tools to create a new
one. This year we have a variety of speakers ranging from industry representatives to distinguished professors. They will be presenting on topics like design thinking, policy and academic routes.

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