As exams are quickly approaching, it’s extra important for students to take time for destressing and be mindful of their mental health. The University of Windsor aims to provide resources and activities to the students to allow for a bit of relaxation and time off the books. Through many of our on campus extracurricular groups and clubs, a variety of events are held during exam time to help students cope with the thought of impending heaps of books and notes, in their immediate future.

After/Pre-Exams Bash (AEB and PEB)

One of the longest running traditions is the After of Pre-Exams Bash (AEB or PEB, varying by semester) hosted by our EngSoc. This event occurs in the week leading up to exams or directly after exams and gives students a bit of downtime from hitting the books. Swag, which is used as the entrance ticket to the event, has varied throughout the years and serves as a momentum for students to keep. This night of food and fun happens once a semester and is open to all students!

Paws Room

A newer event that has become quite a hit throughout the entire University is the PAWS rooms. This type of therapy and pre exam stress has students playing and cuddling with puppies- what could be better! Having sessions provided by both our Student Union and EngSoc, there is plenty of opportunities for students to have a ball of fluff as a happy de-stressing mechanism.

Exam Destresser Day

The most recent event, held on Thursday March 23rd, was a combined stress relief event through the ESS and, a group focused on mental health for our students. The CEI halls were filled with a variety of activities, a bake sale, and free coffee for all those students getting ready for exams. provided the Engineering students with study fun packages, a banner to draw on, and a ball pit for a burst of fun towards the end of the semester.


Many of our other on campus Engineering groups and teams
host events like movie nights, popcorn days, and tea study nights to allow for students to bond over their similar exam study schedules. During this time, be sure to take care of yourself and provide your body and mind with time to relax and retain knowledge.


Best of luck with all your exams!


Author: Katie Doe

I’m currently in my 4th year of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Windsor. Being a past VP External at Windsor, as well as holding various other positions in the school community, I love to be involved and have a passion for increasing student life for engineers. Outside of school, I love to play sports, perform music, and sing karaoke!

Feel free to contact me if you ever have any questions about Eng life at UWindsor! 🙂

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