The PEO’s annual Queen’s Park Reception took place this past Wednesday, November 5, attracting many professional engineers, politicians, and the province’s top engineering organizations. The theme this year, Protecting Public Safety, focused on the engineer’s commitment to public safety through the improvement of engineering standards in legislature. This was an opportunity to reflect on the events of Elliot Lake, where a mall collapse ended in tragedy as a result of preventable mistakes. An engineer must be committed to the quality of their work and is responsible for ensuring that inspection and maintenance standards are updated in legislature as well.

This annual event is a major cornerstone of the PEO Government Liaison Program (GLP) which encourages PEO Chapters to form relationships with their local elected officials. The Committee also aims to encourage and educate engineers to run for political office. It is important to have a wide variety of input when decisions are made in government, and the engineer’s voice is a beneficial one to be considered. ESSCO was invited to participate in the event, along with each of member schools, to represent the interests of engineering students, the future of the engineering profession. Three of the Executives, as well as 6 students from Conestoga College, Ryerson University, University of Waterloo, and University of Western Ontario were in attendance.

As engineering students, we will have the opportunity to impact the lives of the people around us. There are many different ways to apply our education, and the impact we have on society is equally valuable, whether it is through industry or politics. Through events such as these, the PEO hopes to encourage engineering students to consider pursuing legislature after graduation. ESSCO would like to thank the PEO for running this event, and for extending an invitation to students as well.

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