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It is a small and efficient freeware for the change of text strings. It can change the text strings in programs, documents, image files, music files and other types of files. It supports a language of users' own. It is very easy to learn. Free download of ContextReplace, size 4.19 Mb.November 17th 2013Wunderlist 4.2 - Simple, Easy-to-use & ReliableWunderlist (formerly known as Remember the Milk) is one of the best to-do list apps I've come across: it's super easy to create lists, the interface is super-intuitive, and the app is straight-forward to use. Wunderlist isn't just a to-do list manager; it's a simple, powerful project management tool, capable of managing your work tasks and time tracking.Wunderlist 4.2Simple and Easy-to-UseWunderlist is incredibly simple to use: when you want to create a task, click the plus button to add a new entry, and then simply enter the task-related information. The app is an excellent tool for staying on top of ongoing projects, and syncing tasks across multiple devices is seamless.Reliable & SecureThe moment you create a task in Wunderlist, you are instantly alerted in case somebody else creates a task with the same task-name. You can also choose whether to allow or prevent sharing of individual tasks. I've found Wunderlist to be a very secure and reliable app.Wunderlist is capable of managing tasks, to-do lists, events, and even time tracking. It makes it easy to create event-based tasks, and the interface is extremely intuitive. The app is extremely secure, and it's easy to disable access to any individual list of tasks, too. The built-in time tracker makes it easy to plan upcoming events with accuracy.The app is very simple to use, and is able to sync with iCloud and Google. Tasks are effortlessly added into the app, and the interface is extremely clear and easy to use.The Big ThreeWunderlist is a simple and easy-to-use to-do list manager. It's able to manage tasks, to-do lists, events, and even time tracking. The app is capable of managing tasks, and syncing tasks across multiple devices is an absolute breeze 08929e5ed8


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