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Before heading to the local skateboarding store, you need to determine all your requirements and other criteria you want for your skateboard. Also, it is recommended that skaters spend adequate time doing online research on different skateboards before purchasing.

Skaters, especially newbies, may find it hard to buy a perfect skateboard. Hence, today I will discuss some technical specifications to buy skateboards for beginners. For further instruction on buying tips and guides, you can always visit SkateAdvisors to read other posts related to this topic.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to the perfection of a skateboard for a particular group of skateboarders. However, newbies should take into account the following criteria:

Deck: this is the main part of the skateboard where you will stand while skating. For good quality and durability, skaters should choose decks with several layers of wood combined with proper glue. Typically, skateboard decks are made of 7 or 9 plies of maple wood.

Wheels: wheels must be able to withstand vibrations caused by contact with the ground; therefore, I recommend you pick a skateboard with hard polyurethane wheels.

Trucks: these parts connect the deck to the wheels and hold the wheels together. Also, trucks are in charge of distributing the rider's weight and impact from skating evenly on the board to maintain stability. For this component, aluminum alloy is the most common material used in manufacturing.

Bushings: these little rubbery rings have a huge impact on how your skateboard can turn. Bushings come in various shapes and durometers; therefore, you should know about your skating style beforehand to choose the right product.

Grip Tape: high-quality grip tape which is able to provide an excellent grip between your shoes and the deck is the perfect option. You can also choose grip tapes with eye-catching graphics to personalize your skateboard.

Choosing skateboards for newbies can be tricky; therefore, don’t hesitate to visit SkateAdvisors and check out the tips and advice from experienced skaters to get the best product.

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