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ESSCo Advocacy

Advocacy is one of the most important functions of ESSCO and serves all of its three main objectives. We advocate for engineering students in the province by representing student interests to government and provincial stakeholders, outlining student needs and providing recommendations for their fulfillment.

At ESSCO, our advocacy starts with researching student issues through our Working Groups, collecting large samples of data to understand the student take on issues ranging from co-op to sustainability to mental health. We outline these student opinions in a collection of reports, presentations and media, and use it to address our concerns with professional engineering organizations and school administrators each year.

ESSCO Advocacy in the news


advocacy Reports

Making EDI Initiatives More Accessible.P
A Provincial Snapshot of EDI in Engineer
Implementing Student Leadership Credit P
A Provincial Investigation into Organise
Planning Sustainable Engineering Events.
Engineering Professors' Teaching Quality
ESSCO-OSPE Tuition, Job Prospects, Coop.
ESCO Sustainability WG report.png
Mental Health Presentation for EngSocs.p

How to get involved

  • Hiring for working group researchers typically occurs in the summer, so keep an eye out for that!

  • Interested in starting a Working Group? Working Group topic selection starts in May, contact and/or your VPX for more information on how to get a Working Group going!​

  • ESSCO's advocacy is most effective when the most voices possible are heard! If you see a survey or a way to provide your voice, fill it out and share it with your engineering friends!

our advocacy Partners

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