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In order to be a part of the ESSCO commissioner team, applications normally occur at the beginning of the ESSCO term, in May. Applications will be uploaded on all our social media platforms as well as shared with our member schools. 


ESSCO working groups are created to provide research, action and knowledge to ESSCO, especially for advocacy related initiatives. New working groups and their chairs are usually decided at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), however, applications to be on the working group team may be released at any time. Keep your eyes on our social media for updates on Working Groups or email our VP Advocacy at  


ESSCO hosts 5 main events each year, and each year member schools bid to have this event hosted at their respective schools. Bids are made during any plenary or teleconference, for more information on how to bid for a conference check out section 5.4 of our policy manual. Additionally, in order to make a bid you must get in contact with your member school's representative (VP External /VP Communications.) 


ESSCO task forces may be created at any point in the year by the ESSCO council or Board of Directors. Keep your eyes on our social media for more information on task forces. Similar to working groups, task forces exist to further provide information and encourage action for ESSCO. Task forces tend to be created due to current events and news. 


CONFERENCE DELEGATES: In order to attend an ESSCO conference please contact your member school's representative (VP External /VP Communications.) 

Other events such as E-sports and ESSCO hockey will be advertised on all our social media platforms. 

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In order to join the ESSCO executive team, elections occur at our Annual General Meeting conference which normally occurs in late January to Early February. In order to attend AGM you must be selected as a delegate by your member school's representative (VP External /VP Communications.)  If you have any questions about elections please feel free to email or check out our Elections Procedure Document.

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