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ESSCO Policy Manual

The Policy Manual contains best practices for common tasks performed by the ESSCO Council and guidelines for various the positions within ESSCO. In the case of a conflict between this document and the Constitution, the Constitution shall take procedure.

Click here to view the ESSCO Policy Manual

ESSCO Motion Tracker

ESSCO's Motion Tracker is a public document used to organize updated information of each motion in a given fiscal year. The Motion Tracker shows the Title, Mover, Goal, Mandates, Individual Assigned, and Status of all motions presented throughout the year. 

Click Here to view ESSCO's current Motion Tracker and stay up-to-date on what we're working on.

essco bidding schedule

Every Engineering Student Society is responsible to bid to host a conference by a specific date, based on previous event bid and host dates. The Bidding Schedule is updated to reflect the most accurate timeline for every Engineering Society. 

Click here to view the Bidding Schedule to see when your Engineering Society is due to bid.

Public google drive

Our Public Google Drive has a variety of other resources that are available to our members, partners, and anyone else interested in seeing what ESSCO does. 

Click here to view our Public Drive for addititonal resources such as our Event Activity Agreements, Reports, and Annual Budget. 

ESSCO Governance 

ESSCO constitution

Created in 1999, the ESSCO Constitution outlines the rules that guide how the organization operates, ESSCO executive and member responsibilities, and our goals for Engineering students across the province.

Click here to view the ESSCO Constitution.

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