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Asked Questions

1. What’s the difference between CFES & ESSCO

The Ontario Engineering Student Societies' Council of Ontario represents the engineering students across Ontario. The Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES) is composed of 4 regional organizations, ESSCO, WESST, ACES, and QCESO

2. What is a VP External?

A VP External, or equivalent, is the link between ESSCO and your school's Engineering Society. They attend monthly teleconferences and our conferences with the goal of voting on policy changes, bringing up discussion points, and providing input on ESSCO's goals for the term.

3. What events do ESSCO run? 

We run 4 annual conferences, the Ontario Engineering Competition, and a few Sport and eSport events throughout the year. Click here to view our Services page for more information.

4. What is an OEC-only member school?

An OEC-only member school does not have all of the privilege's of a full-member school. Students from OEC-only schools can host and attend the Ontario Engineering Competition and participate in our Advocacy Surveys.

5. What is ESSCO currently advocating for?

For the most information, visit our Advocacy page. Currently, ESSCO has an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Academic Teaching Quality, and Leadership Credit working groups. Each Working Group researches, creates surveys, and write reports to advocate for our member schools and students.


6. How can I be a part of ESSCO

We have a variety of ways to get involved with ESSCO. The Executive positions are elected at our Annual General Meeting and our Commissioners and Working Group chair applications are released soon after. Visit our Get Involved page for more information.


7. How can I attend the Ontario Engineering Competition?

All OEC competitors must qualify through their internal school's competition. We recommend taking a look at your society's website or talking to one of the EngSoc's executives. Each school can send one team from each competition category to compete. Visit our Members page if you want help finding your Engineering Society's website.


8. How do I get picked to be a delegate at an ESSCO conference? Be Ben Leeder

Each school has a different system for selection conference delegates. We highly recommend getting in contact with your school's VP External, or equivalent. Visit our Members page if you want help finding your VPX's email.

9. How can my school host an ESSCO event 

Our ESSCO event hosts change all the time! If you want to host an event, contact your VPX and they'll help provide more information. Visit our Members page if you want help finding your VPX's email.


10. How can I get ESSCO to advertise my events?

If you want ESSCO to advertise an event or opportunity, please email


11. How can my organization become an official ESSCO partner? 

If you're looking to become an ESSCO partner or sponsor, please reach out to


12. I have an idea for a webinar, who should I talk to?

Email if you have a great webinar idea.

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