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My Experience with Online Education

Hello! My name is Logan, and I am a Biomedical Engineering and Mathematics

(minor) student at the University of Guelph. This is my first semester being a

part of the ESSCO team. I am a member of the Online and Distance Education Working Group.

Engineering has a heavy workload, demanding courses, long hours, and takes

perseverance and commitment. Even though all of this is true, making

connections and forming a support system for yourself makes it much more

manageable and fun of an experience. Most Universities within Ontario have

lots of extracurriculars available to students, and the SOE does too.

In my first year, I got involved in WiSE (Women in Science and Engineering, Guelph

Chapter), and now I am the VP! I am also an Engineering Peer Helper for the

University of Guelph, a Big Sister/Little Sister Female Engineering mentor, and

a working group member for the Online and Distant Education Team for

ESSCO. I was able to join these things based on recommendations from

friends and advertisements from the SOE at the University of Guelph within

the past three years.

This year, I can understand how people find it more challenging to meet people and get involved in extracurriculars with everything being online. This year, I am even more involved than last year, with everything being virtual from my own personal experience. Meeting virtually, hosting online events, and staying connected with these extracurriculars have given me the chance to remain connected, meet new students, and work on projects I enjoy with fellow Engineering Students. With everything being virtual in the Winter2021 semester, I would highly recommend over the winter break

looking online and through ENGGSOC emails and social media and trying to

find extracurriculars to help you get involved. These extracurriculars are fun

things that can help add something more than just class online to your Winter

2021 semester, all while meeting new students with similar interests in similar programs.

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