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October Advocacy Summary

Hi everyone! Happy Fall! Like the leaves off the trees, our working groups arefallinginto place! We have just concluded our review of Working Group applications, and very soon, our chairs will be having their first meeting with their new teams! 

ESSCO Internal Meeting 

Three weeks ago, our entire internal ESSCO team came together in the GTA for a weekend of working, strategic planning and team bonding. Thanks to our OSPE partners, we were able to facilitate training for our Working Group chairs about Advocacy 101, the fundamentals of advocacy, and Research Methods for Quantitative and Qualitative Data Collection. These presentations were key in framing our working groups’ efforts for the year, and the upcoming addition of the members to each team. 

 The Advocacy Team spent a great deal of time on our portfolio:

  • Developing a central understanding of successful advocacy for our team

  • Defining what our advocacy ought to look like

  • Finding ways we could hone in on how we advocate for students to create a standard for advocacy

  • Focusing on ESSCO’s key goal of supporting engineering societies sustainably through opt-outs

  • Fine-tuning and updating operational timelines within the working group teams

  • Preparing to welcome new members, going over team development and planning

  • Introducing our chairs to the rest of the essco team members and preparing them for in-person meetings for the remainder of the year

  • ​Understanding the purpose of our data collection and identifying the optimal methods for our research

  • Maintaining a data privacy standard for students by clearly stating who has access to their data (advocacy team), who will use it (chairs), and for what purpose;

ESSCO Webinar

This month’s ESSCO Webinar featured the Advocacy side of ESSCO. The Webinar’s theme focused on Advocating Effectively, and gave us an opportunity to showcase how the use of effective planning methods yielded deeper student connection, proper understanding of issues in the community, and the most efficient method of addressing student issues. To view our presentation, refer to the slides posted in our reports section!

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